Letters to the Editor for October 21

In response to “Gun range triggers another lawsuit”


Anyone in Wesley Chapel, or Weddington for that matter, can tell you there is more than “two minutes” of shooting per month. Saturday, Oct. 15, the gunfire went on for more than four hours. If one were to believe Land’s comments that he only shoots for two minutes a month because he can’t afford more ammunition than that, one must assume that either he won the lottery this past week or he came into an unexpected fortune.

The most bizarre statement made was that he only shoots at “specific times” and he wonders why the rest of the community can’t hold their events at different times. His “specific times” are unpredictable, sporadic bursts of gunfire that occur numerous times on the days he shoots. On Sunday, Oct. 16 there were at least 15 sporadic bursts.

His “specific times” have included Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. Who should we see about rescheduling these events?

What should we tell the mother who works third shift on weekends so she can stay home during the week with her children? She must sleep during the day. She had to actually change her work schedule to accommodate Land’s hobby. The local organic farm holds classes on the weekends. I guess they should change their business plan. What should we tell the elderly gentleman who has had shingles for well over a year now, and needs to nap during the day? He has been awakened numerous times when he is trying to let his body heal. His healing has been unsuccessful. What about the babies who need to nap? Or homeowners who have their homes on the market? What time should they tell their realtor it’s safe to show the house? What about the veteran or active military person home on leave? How should they stop from going into “fight mode” when hearing machine guns? What do we tell the lady who was resting on a Sunday afternoon and awoke with her heart racing because of the sudden burst of loud machine gun fire? Or the pet who is so afraid they urinate on the carpet? What about the child who can’t have their birthday party at home? These are real people with real situations, being disturbed in their own homes for the sake of someone’s hobby. Not all live in Stonegate. Some were here long before Land.

Michael Land obviously thinks his hobby is more important than the basic needs of the rest of the community. He doesn’t get why people say he’s been a bad neighbor. He’s kidding, right?

Kathy Patterson

Wesley Chapel

Elect Ken Evans in Weddington


Election season is here and we have the opportunity to elect our local representatives. I feel a major change in leadership of the town of Weddington is now necessary and it is time to elect a councilman who is knowledgeable, available, astute and informed on issues that concern our town of Weddington. I support Ken Evans for the upcoming council election. Ken has served the town of Weddington as a councilman from 1989 thru 1995 and from 2003 to 2007. He has been a Weddington resident for over 25 years.

Ken has been involved with several issues that have affected the lifestyle of Weddington. He was a leader in the fight to stop the sewer plant on Highway 84 and as a councilman, he voted against any additional 1/2 acre lot developments in Weddington.

Today Ken is still involved for the betterment of our community. He is fighting for the formation of a Weddington fire district and wants the Providence VFD to continue offering 24/7 service to the citizens of Weddington. He believes first responders (EMT) should come from the nearest fire station and not be dictated by the present inadequate fire lines. He wants all citizens of Weddington to pay the same fair fire tax rate not some paying a fire fee and others paying a fire tax.

He supports the water tanks in Weddington.

I support Ken Evans for the upcoming election for councilman. He is a proven leader and will stabilize the excessive spending of our present town council while preserving the value of our properties.

Jerry Fitzgerald

Weddington NC

Weddington’s Municipal Fire District Resolution


I am very pleased with the strong wording of Weddington’s Municipal Fire District Resolution. It is my hope that the Union County Board of Commissioners will endorse the resolution at their Nov. 7 meeting.

Weddington has taken a historic step forward in providing a realistic fire and medical service for its citizens. It is my understanding, a municipal fire district, has never been created in the state of North Carolina, this is a first. By this action, Weddington will become the model for all other townships who desire to provide the same emergency services within their communities.

We will now enjoy local control of our emergency services and the tax rate. Some of Weddington’s citizens pay a fire tax and some a fire fee. The new fire tax will be equable for all of our residents. We will no longer pay a fire tax/fee and then have some of our property taxes dollars used to augment emergency services. Or in other words, No double taxation.

Weddington will be in a position to redraw the emergency service lines. This will enhance response times, where as, the closest fire station will now respond. This is not the case today. The Providence Volunteer Fire Department, at the present time, is under utilized. By the council’s action, this very valuable asset will now be fully utilized.

Providence VFD provides 24/7 service and will now be in a position to offer this vital coverage to the vast major of Weddington citizens.

When, I am elected to the Weddington Town Council, I will work very hard to insure that we have the best trained emergency personnel with the best equipment. I will also do this at lowest possible cost to the tax payers of Weddington.

Again, I would like to thank the Weddington Town Council for there bold action.

Ken Evans

Weddington Town Council Candidate

Choose best candidate, not where they live


It is the individual person that decides if he or she wants to run for office. Some people think the candidates should be evenly spread over the town. During the last two elections we have had candidates from both north and south of U.S. 74.

However, it is the Indian Trail voters who decide who should represent them on the town council, not some candidates or sympathizers. I believe the voters will choose the most qualified candidates to represent them.

Four years ago, Jeff Goodall won the election with the largest number of votes in Indian Trail ever. Some people don’t think he should have been elected, because he is a resident of Brandon Oaks. Jeff Good all has proved it over and over again that he has been an excellent Town council representative, and is very well suited to serve as our new Mayor.

Two years later Allen and Luther ran against several candidates from many parts of Indian Trail, both north and south of U.S. 74. Allen and Luther were elected. The voters did not vote for them because they came from Brandon Oaks, but because they were the best candidates.

I listened to all the present candidates as they presented themselves to the town council, vying to fill the vacant town council seat for the remainder of the period. The council chose Stanton. Stanton, Minor, and Sailors were by far the most qualified during that session in my opinion.

Because of the excellent services from Goodall through four years on the town council and his services as mayor pro temp is why I support him for mayor. On behalf of Minor, and Sailors, Stanton, I campaign and put in a lot of hard work as I see them as the most qualified candidates, and hope they will be elected to Indian Trail Town Council.

Severin Jacobsen

Indian Trail

Elect Stephanie Belcher as Mayor


I live in Weddington, NC and would like to ask you to print my endorsement letter for Stephanie Belcher for Weddington mayor. I have lived in Union County for 18 years, have ignored local politics for a long time, wishing for my rural way of life to return, but now, I know I have to help elect those who will help sustain us as a town, not a place for high dollar vacant home sales!

Michele Nichols


Stanton Sailors, Minor, Goodall represent progress


Indian Trail is at a crossroads and the town can continue to move forward or progress backwards. The outcome will be determined by the voters on Nov. 8 election.

I support three candidates for town council in this election, Roger Stanton, Michael Sailors and Ash Miner. They are dedicated to moving the town forward and will work diligently if elected to help existing business survive, bring new business, create jobs and generate more commercial tax revenues to maintain one of the lowest tax rates in all of North Carolina.

These three candidates have carefully reviewed the citizens survey that clearly indicated what the town residents want and have said they will support parks, greenway, public safety, road and transportation improvements.

What these three candidates support is a town where families and seniors can go out their front door and drive a few blocks to visit a movie theater, have a choice of a sit-down restaurants or take the kids to the park. This past summer we enjoyed concerts and outdoor theater for the first time in Indian Trail. We also were able to enjoy the Indian Pow Wow which returned to our town.

Stanton, Minor and Sailors also expressed support for the three bond referendums that will also appear on the November ballot. If approved by the voters of Indian Trail, they will provide funding for a larger central park, improvements to Monroe Road and other roads in our town.

I will support Jeff Goodall for mayor. He has played a major role over the past four years in major accomplishments that have taken place and will truly function as a goodwill ambassador for the town and bring back integrity to the job.

We stand at a crossroads and can move forward or backward, depending upon who we elect on Nov. 8. This is a pivotal point in our towns history, progress or regress!

Jan Brown

Indian Trail

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One Response

  1. In response to Mr. Jacobsen
    He is correct in saying the people elected the current council and no one should vote for someone based on where they live or if they have been on the current council. Every person has the choice and they should get to know each candidate and vote for who they feel represents them the best period. Every person running for the open council seats and the Mayor’s seat are well qualified and all of them will qork toward a better Indian Trail with greater amenities and infrastructure. I urge every voter to call each candidate and decide for yourself. Take Mr. Jacobsen’s opinion and add it to yours and make up your mind because if you do not vote then you have no reason to complain. I do not agree with Mr. Jacobsen much but he is correct in saying it is not the council’s fault they all live so close together. The people who got out and voted chose them. period.