Indian Trail Town Council Candidate – Michael Sailors

Race to November

My name is Michael Sailors. I am running for the position of Indian Trail Town Council.

I have lived in the Indian Trail area since 1988. I have raised a daughter, now 28 and my 9 year old son in the Indian Trail area schools. My roots are deep in our community and I want to see our community continue to grow and prosper.

Sitting on the side lines is not what I have tried to teach my children. Stand up and be heard if you have something to say is what I have taught them. I believe teaching by example gives the best result. So here I am offering my time and deep dedication to Indian Trail so we will all be proud.

I have a vision for Indian Trail that I want to share with the voters for the upcoming election in November.

Changes are happening rapidly in our community and I want to be a part of that and help continue on the path we are on, building a town that provides all of our needs right within our own boundaries.

My vision is to help our town provide more entertainment for our citizens, such as parks and restaurants, more entertainment like the multi screen theater that will be built here and better shopping and business opportunities. I want families in our town to be able to go out the front door of their homes and find what they need without driving many miles. Let’s keep our tax dollars here.

My vision is three fold:

• Continue the growth of business so that our residential taxes will remain low and provide more jobs for our citizens.

• Provide a wide variety of entertainment right here in Indian Trail for all our citizens, young and old.

• Build the kind of town that will bring others from surrounding communities to share our opportunities. This will also create more job opportunities.

What we don’t want is more large vacant lots like the 57-acre site across from our Town Hall which sits vacant because the council at that time lacked vision and voted for stagnation. Now we are playing catch-up.

I am a long time resident of Indian Trail and I need your vote in November to keep our town moving forward.

Please share my vision and give me your vote on November 8th.

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