Weddington Town Council Candidate: Pamela Hadley

Would you like to have someone at the table that will listen? Hear both sides? Do the research? Be a passionate advocate that is unafraid to stand up for common sense solutions for Weddington?
My name is Pamela Hadley and I am running for Weddington Town Council. Let me tell you a few things about myself and why I think I deserve your support.
I’ve been a resident for 10 years in Weddington. My family moved here for a safe and family friendly environment, good schools and low taxes.
Sound familiar? These are values we all cherish.
My husband, Mitch, is an executive at a financial services corporation. My daughter, Caitlyn, attended Weddington Middle and graduated from Weddington High School. She is currently a senior at Johnson & Wales University and  employed by the Carolina Panthers.
I am a retired sales director for L’Oreal Hair Care after almost 20 years. I currently own and operate Hadley’s Hearth at the Waxhaw Antique Mart.
I have been a volunteer for 13 years in the school system, serving as a tutor, teaching assistant, room mom, cheerleading advisor and in the guidance office.
I  served multiple positions on the Hearthstone Homeowners Association for almost 10 years.  As Vice President, I conducted research relating to school bus stops. My research and communication with the county government resulted in altering the bus routes and reducing the amount of time students spent traveling to school. I was involved with the NCDOT in scheduling the re-pavement of our roads. I was involved in the acquisition of adjacent property by the county for a public park. I chaired the Welcoming, Children and Adult Social Committees and my devotion to building community spirit encouraged others to be active.
What you can expect from me:
I support the Providence Volunteer Fire Department. The current system dictates that a fire station 5 miles away is called for a medical emergency and not my local department that is .25 miles away. ALL citizens of Weddington deserve equal vital services at the same cost.
I will promote a Master Plan for the Town of Weddington. A vision for the town that addresses the safety, density of growth, infrastructure and amenities that will be faced in the next 20 years. If not managed properly, we all know how quickly the character of a small town can change. It’s important for voters to select candidates for the Town Council that will carry out the wishes of the people of Weddington.
I am an advocate for clarity and transparency in government, especially in our Weddington Town Council.
I am passionate, energetic and willing to be an advocate for common sense solutions for what you – my neighbors – hold as dear to your heart as I do mine.
Please join Pamela Hadley for Weddington Town Council on Facebook and tell me what matters to you.
I look forward to the opportunity to stand up for what is right for the citizens of Weddington.
Please vote for Pamela Hadley on Nov. 8th.

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