Weddington Mayoral Candidate: Walker Davidson

To the Weddington voters…
My name is Walker Davidson. I am running for mayor of Weddington.

Who am I?
I grew up in Hickory, NC. I graduated from Elon College with a BA degree in economics. I have an MBA from Wake Forest University.
I am a financial advisor. I am currently the chairman of the Weddington Public Safety Advisory Committee.
My wife’s name is Sally. We have three children. Rebecca attends Weddington High School. Michael attends Weddington Middle School. Charlie attends Weddington Elementary School.

My beliefs about the role of government
I have been a registered Republican since I first registered to vote at age 18. I am the only registered Republican running for mayor of Weddington.
I believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.
I believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least.

Why am I running?
I have been watching the Weddington Town Council in action very closely for the past two years. I am not happy with how decisions are being made. Most decisions are pre-arranged before the public meetings take place. By the time most citizens become aware of an issue it is too late to have much influence on the decision. As mayor, I will work to improve the decision making process by including more input from you and by considering all aspects of the issues.

My interests
My primary interest is to keep Weddington a safe and peaceful residential community. I believe most of us moved to Weddington because these neighborhoods provide a great place to live our lives and raise our families. Residential community towns such as Weddington are becoming scarce.
I am interested in making sure that our fire stations and our emergency services have what they need to properly serve our families when we need help.
I am interested in keeping the roads within Weddington safe. I would also like to minimize traffic congestion.
I am interested in keeping taxes low. Tax dollars should be spent on goods and services that benefit all taxpayers.
I am not interested in expanding commercial growth in Weddington.
I am not interested in telling you where you should shop. The idea that shopping in Weddington, as opposed to any other place in Union County, somehow helps you as a taxpayer is a myth. You should determine how retailers earn your business.
I am not interested in taking your tax dollars and investing them in a shopping center.
I am not interested in taking your tax dollars and giving them to a charity.
Why you should vote
I have learned a lot about how our local political system works. If you find yourself frustrated with what you see in the news regarding politics in Washington and Raleigh, I can assure you that you will also be frustrated when you learn more about your local political system.
As with any political system there are those who benefit from the current system. These people will do and say almost anything to maintain the current system. However, one difference between Washington and Weddington is that you can easily change the system in Weddington where the current mayor won the election with only 517 votes. There are over 7,000 registered voters in Weddington. Only 20 percent of the people voted in the 2009 Weddington election. For the 2011 election I would like to see our voter participation rate reach 40 percent.
For more information on my campaign, please visit the web site.

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