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Clearing some things up

I wanted to respond to Ms. Glanker’s letter.

First off, I am glad that she is happy living in unincorporated Union County. That works well for her. And I support her rights to say no to involuntary annexation into Marvin. But I really need to comment on a couple of her statements.

In her second point, she makes reference to the 2008 retreat by the then Marvin Council, when on tape, they made all sorts of references to what they would like to do with the incoming tax money, such as an equestrian center or other equestrian trails.

That tape was from three years ago! That council is no longer in power, and the present Marvin council has new items on the future agenda, such as stationing one or two more deputies in Marvin, as well as an active park and improving roads. I learned this by actually talking with the present Marvin council, not relying on information handed down from one source to the other.

Yes, there would be additional taxes, but only 5 cents per $100 of assessed value of your house. That’s it. I have already listed out the various fees that Marvin receives from the state, the same any town in North Carolina gets.

But being unincorporated, we already pay these fees, but we do not get any benefit from them

Her third point says that Charlotte cannot annex Hunter Oaks without those residents’ consent. With the new annexation law, that is correct. There are steps that any town that is conducting an involuntary annexation must follow. In the past, before this law took place, there was only a small acknowledgment that was required, before the process would take place.

But, again, I have to bring up how fast laws can change. Even with the notice from the Charlotte annexation office that they are currently not interested in annexing Hunter Oaks, the future can change.

I have a great example for all about how fast back-room negotiations can change laws. In 2007, a certain state legislator tried to change the makeup of the Union County commission, from five to nine members, without allowing the citizens of Union County to vote on the expansion. After being rebuffed a couple of times, he tried a new tactic, with a bill that would go the N.C. House floor for expanding Anson County’s commission.

During a late-night meeting, the word Anson was changed to Union. The bill missed being approved by the entire N.C. legislature by one vote. Ms. Glanker also does not have the experience of living right next to two very large undeveloped retail properties. Various Union County commissions, including the present one, have ignored issues and concerns raised by residents of both Hunter Oaks and Somerset about the types of retail allowed there. All the commission sees is the tax dollars that would be available.

We are at the whim of the Union County offices in Monroe. And I am personally tired of traveling to Monroe several nights a week to attend meetings where, no matter what I say or present, it is ignored.

With a local government, the people of Hunter Oaks will have local representation, as well as the means to be on the various committees, as well as run for office.

My last piece is to address her points about me.

Yes, I was on the Marvin Parks, Greenways and Recreation Board several years ago. I was actively involved in building trails, bridges and fences and working to preserve green space. But the Parks, Greenways and Recreation board was dismantled by the same council that was in office back in 2008.

I am a very active member of my community, from coaching soccer teams to riding a bike incredible distances to raise money for cancer research. I care about my community.

I am also a critic of poor government choices. Do a search on my name at the Union County Weekly website, and you will see letters that I have written about not only Marvin but other Union County issues.

There are no back-room dealings for me to get any seat on any council at Marvin. I am doing this to preserve Hunter Oaks. Marvin did not make any offers for deals for ordinances and penalties as part of the voluntary annexation agreement.

I and the others of the Government Affairs Committee and the Homeowners Association of Hunter Oaks are nothing but open and honest about the information that has been provided to the residents here.

And, as I said before, while I support your right to say no to involuntary annexation, you should support the right of me and others to explore voluntary annexation.

Neil Gimon

Government Affairs Committee

Hunter Oaks

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2 Responses

  1. Neil, go take a long walk off a short bridge. When you were on the PG&R committee you voted for additions to marvin’s ordinances that said anyone who has more than 10 acres of land can have up to 30 percent of their property taken for open space or horse trails if it ever sold. The only reason that is still on the books is that nobody has tried to sue the town. You are a thief, plain and simple. Even the ex-chairman of the board has put up signs in his yard saying he wants to secede from Marvin. Get a clue, dude. Marvin existed for a hundred years without the “help” from some bureaucrats, and it can exist without them now.

  2. And you are flat out lying. The marvin town council has stated they will “grandfather” in all existing zoning regulations for Hunter Oaks if they will just join Marvin and start paying them money for services that do not exist. They never gave that offer to anyone being involuntarily annexed before.

    I’m just wondering, how do you sleep at night knowing how morally bankrupt you are?