Indian Trail Town Council Candidate: David Waddell

My name is David Waddell and I am running for Indian Trail Town Council Nov. 8. I have lived in Union County for twenty two years, graduated from Parkwood High School in 1993 and earned a degree in Business Administration at Anson Community College in 1997. For the past eleven years I have been self-employed as a Master Plumber. I am married and have three wonderful children that my wife and I home school.

Our town is at a crossroads. We can either go the way so many others have and build at the accelerated rate we have seen, which will inevitably increase debt and taxes, or we can choose a more traditional route and create an environment that is welcoming to people and commerce, and watch it grow at a natural pace.

We have something that no other town our size in North Carolina, that I know of, can compete with – a property tax rate of only 14.5 cents per $100 assessed value. In addition to the low tax rate, we have “rooftops“, proximity to Charlotte and two airports, easy access to SPCC and CPCC campuses, a wonderful climate and a local culture that is as down home as apple pie. With that kind of criteria we are very attractive to businesses looking to relocate or start up, which will bring jobs to our area.

In order to maintain this advantage, we must not allow our town government to become too large and our tax rate increase more than absolutely necessary, if at all. Amenities such as parks and trails can be built without amassing debt if we use cooperative methods and good budgeting. Economic Development, the kind we are seeing proposed, is not as necessary as some are making it out to be. Some regulations on business can be lightened, and some of the planning and zoning requirements streamlined so that building a business here would be more attractive than it already is.

Public Safety is one of the most important responsibilities of our town government. I would like to see our relationship with the Union County Sheriff’s Office become a national model for top-notch law enforcement services at a cost that is not burdensome to the people of the community. I would propose hiring two deputies and one detective right away, and reinstate the disbanded Public Safety committee to evaluate further needs.

I will uphold and defend the United States and North Carolina Constitutions without apology. I am opposed to forced annexation and using Eminent Domain to forcefully take a person’s property. I oppose taking action against another duly elected official for any reason other than a violation of law. I will uphold the fourth amendment. I will defend the right to worship Almighty God as one’s conscience dictates. I will defend the individual’s right to bear arms. I will defend the right of the individual to freely express themselves. And I will be a good steward of the fruits of the labors of the people in our community.

Thank you,
David Waddell
Candidate for Indian Trail Town Council

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