Letters to the Editor: July 15

Jealousy is a very strong emotion that can bring down a relationship, a country, a city, or a municipality. It can destroy lives, single or masses. It can break hearts, soil souls, deeply hurt and can kill an equally strong emotion, love! It can also kill from within. The destruction of a country can start in the hardened heart of a jealous person. A person with a jealously damaged heart can give “evil” first class, prime time first seat, ultra attention, and it can become an idol in the lives of those whose hatred to fairness, liberty, freedom and justice are paramount.

Sometimes jealousy is born out of poverty, idleness, inertia, laziness, lack of a job or just a word. If the government isn’t what they wanted it to be, or home life is unbearable, and change is needed, but the jealous person is unwilling to leave, to change, then the grinding, burning emotion starts the fire within.

It must have an outlet. That can present itself in destruction of some structure chosen by the “sickness” and manifested in the form of breakage of windows on a historic building; windows that were over a century old, egging another old building owned by someone in opposition.

Love, on the other hand, can forgive, tolerate, teach, and understand, without accepting the destruction, only the person. Love can overcome, change, mend, heal, and move onto a path of wellness. Love can conqueror and win the prize, because it embodies patience and acceptance, and majority rule, freedom.

This sickness is not democratic, fair, but only serves the few; the few who support, the few who use dirty names, the few who will push their agenda onto everyone without seeking acceptance without exception. Those are the persons who infiltrate government by appointment or volunteering for committees which may or may not be influential but remain in the background from the public eye until the damage is done.

If these values are embraced, supported, and voted into office, on any level, the value becomes a fungus, a blithe, and will become so contagious the disease will quickly pervade and destroy a nation that has remained the finest, freest, most perfect ever in history. The fungus must be fought as weeds in a garden and killed before it grows large enough to “take over!” We the People have to get involved, unite, and vote boldly, en masse, for the candidate who share these values and then hold those persons we elect accountable for our votes! The call is going out to get involved, join or form a group of like minded individuals who share your love for this country as it was originally formed into a great nation based on the most perfect document ever created by man, The Constitution of the United States of America, and may GOD Bless us all and our Nation.

A concerned legal American
Shell Holston

Time to support our fire departments

It’s funny to me how quickly people on the western part of this county forget what’s important. Town councils find plenty of money to buy IPads, hang up streetlights, give themselves raises and try to annex people who just want to be left alone. When it comes to funding fire departments however, that’s a different story. Then the councils have questions, demand audits and want to know why they should give money. Here’s a better question. Please tell me why anyone should elect you again? It’s clear your priorities are out of wack.

Darryl Turner

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