Letters to the Editor for June 3

Re: No Historic District For Waxhaw

Commissioner Brett Diller asks: “What kind of hypocrite would I be to tell them (homeowners) what to do with their property, but not me?”

On its face it seems a benign question but upon closer review it strikes at the heart of what’s wrong; who is he to tell private property owners what they may or may not do with their property?

It’s this thinking that has helped abrogate our property rights and by extension, our personal rights. Lest you property owners think “there goes another extremist”, what if they told you it’s a requirement to have purple shutters? What happens when it’s you in government’s crosshairs?

Gary Chambers

Must be nice

I think the Marvin town council is missing the point of service. Giving themselves a pay raise? Who’s that crazy, to use taxpayer dollars to increase their own financial gain? Granted I don’t live in the town, I actually live in no town, in unincorporated Union County. But correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t these guys the same ones who criticized the newly elected county commissioners, pointing fingers and levying charges of corruption? Funny, I don’t see any pay raises being handed out on the county scale. Guess it’s different now, when the shoe is on the other foot.

Todd Rich
Union County

More money, more problems

Interesting choices being made these days in Marvin. First the council removes the town administrator from office, the same one they chose for the position, a former council member herself. Then they get rid of the finance officer, a current county commissioner who again, they installed. Now they lose in court, for what, the fifth time? Normally one would think a pay raise dead last on a council’s agenda in times like this. The legal bills for Marvin have to be going through the roof, but naturally this is the perfect time to give themselves a pay raise. So thankful they haven’t tried to annex me yet and sorry for those poor residents whose tax dollars are going in the council’s pockets.

Andrew Thomas
Union County

Tired of the same old story

By now, we should be used to this. People complain about those in power, appear to be honorable and just wanting to serve their community. Then they get elected and suddenly they’re doing the same thing as those they used to insult. It happens over and over in this county. Now its happening in Marvin. Whining about working as a volunteer? Hey guys, a lot of people have worked on that park, so where’s our pay?

Michael Davis
Union County

Failure to see the problem

I have kids in the Union County school system, so these constant discussions over budget cuts concerns me. What I don’t understand however is what harm a little one cent sales tax is going to have? Really, we won’t even know the difference. When I voted to send Republicans to Raleigh, I assumed they would use clear headed thinking and common sense, not just tow the party line and say a one cent tax can’t continue, that they’re doing this for the people. No you’re not. I frankly don’t know who you’re doing this for. When the school system suffers, I guarantee these same politicians will claim they did everything possible to help and point the finger at our district, saying they had maximum flexibility to manage the cuts. Maximum flexibility means nothing, it’s just saying instead of only being able to fire a teacher, you can fire a teacher or cut money for roof repairs. Boy, I hope none of the roofs collapse this year. Oh … wait, that’s already happened.

Bill Thompson
Union County

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