Letters to the Editor for June 24

Saying goodbye

John Hullinger is a man of character who understands what made America great and what the role of government should be. He is the only person on the five member Indian Trail council who believes that ethics, integrity and honesty should be the fundamental characteristics of public servants. He is the kind of individual that voters should be looking for, a man of vision who has great ideas and who cares about the people he serves.

I know how difficult it has been for him as he worked to represent Indian Trail’s taxpayers and make a positive impact for our town. As has been his custom, John exhibited professionalism and grace in his public statements announcing his decision to relocate his family. He will be greatly missed by those of us who have appreciated his quality common sense leadership. Indian Trail’s loss will be Phoenix’s gain.
John Quinn
Mayor of Indian Trail

Commissioners costing us money

The chairman of the Union County Board of Commissioners announces that he is “pleased to see us pass a budget with no tax increase to property owners …”

While Mr. Jerry Simpson’s statement is accurate, it also is misleading. What he fails to point out is how they also have taken a valuable service away from homeowners on the western side of the county costing each of you an additional $250 to $300 per year.

Effective Oct. 1, the county will close the Sun Valley Satellite Collection center.

This is a heavily utilized household waste disposal area, and very popular with county voters. Taking this away will force us to either drive halfway across the county to the next nearest available facility, which many cannot or will not do, or sign up with a local trash collection service with an added cost to your annual household budget of at least $250 per year.

The Sun Valley facility provides a critically needed location to dispose of unused electronics, used motor oils and other chemicals, and also is an excellent recycling center for glass, plastic and cardboard waste.

Taking away this critical recycling area could have a very real impact on our environment when people realize their recyclables won’t fit in those little brown boxes and simply throw them in with the other trash. I wasn’t aware we had unlimited space in the county landfill. What happens when people decide it is easier to simply pour their used motor oil down the storm drain and into our streams and rivers rather than drive halfway across the county?

Rather than allowing electronics with all their hazardous materials to be dumped in the landfill so those chemicals could leach into our water table, we have a separate recycling area for those items and that has been hugely successful. Sadly, they didn’t even bother to tell anyone about their plans. Not even the fantastic employees at Sun Valley who found out they would be out of a job soon when told by one of their customers.

So let’s review. We have a very popular, heavily utilized and valuable service that also protects the environment and saves county residents big money.
The solution? Close that facility and cost hundreds, if not thousands, of Union county residents up to $300 or more in additional fees they will have to pay to have their garbage collected.

This makes no sense at all and I would urge the board to reconsider this decision. Why not just raise the bag fee as you are doing at all of the centers on the eastern side of the county? Better yet, close one of those and let us keep the only recycling center available on this side of the county.
Closing this facility is a bad idea and amounts to a 15 to 20 percent “tax” increase.
Ken Skorupski
Unincorporated Union County

No fire fees for churches

Union County might charge churches a fire fee? Would they like part of the offering every Sunday, too? We could call a county employee once the ushers take the collection plates and just let the county take their share. I moved to this county four years ago because I thought it sounded like a great place to raise a family. It seemed at the time to be a lot better than the Democrat-led craziness taking place next door in Mecklenburg. Now the commissioners are gutting the school system, there’s not enough economic development to prevent a tax hike in the near future, and hey, now it turns out taxing churches is a consideration. Are we sure we elected Republicans in this last vote?

And I know from reading the Weekly’s Facebook site that some people say it’s necessary. Why should churches get off free? It’s a tricky slope once you start walking that way. What happens when you run out of money next year, but are scared in an election year to raise taxes? Do you start a push to charge churches property taxes, too? It’s sad, because here in Indian Trail, there’s a lot to like, with a movie theater, new parks and just a great sense of community. While all that’s great, without quality funding, the schools will tank and I’m just disgusted to live in a place that would consider taxing a house of worship. But hey, do whatever you want. I’m tired of poor leadership at the county level screwing people over time and time again. Now that school is out, I’m looking at other places to move my family.
Jackson Turner
Indian Trail

Open letter to governor

Dear Gov. Perdue,
I would like to ask you to refrain from vetoing the bill requiring voter ID at the polls to help ensure honesty, integrity and fairness in our elections. I was totally dumbfounded when I voted for the first time in North Carolina having moved here from Indiana. I made sure to take my ID with me to the poll so my vote would not be ignored. I was asked my name, signed on the line and then I asked them if they needed my driver’s license. I was told it was not necessary. My elderly in-laws were visiting us during the last election and we took them to the poll with us as they were in total disbelief we were not required to show ID. Sure enough, no ID asked of us and my in-laws couldn’t believe it. They are elderly and they DO have identification.

Identification is required most everywhere so I cannot understand your support of this in saying it will disenfranchise many voters. If they are or ever were tax-paying citizens, they should have some kind of identification! If they do not have the means to get identification, how do they have the means to get to the polls? Common sense should prevail here. What young person do you know who has not begged their parents to have a driver’s license as soon as they turn 16? How many elderly people have filed for Medicare without identification?

I don’t think this measure will discourage anyone from their right to vote. If a voter truly wants to vote at the poll, they will not let anything get in their way to make their vote count. Please do the right thing to protect the integrity of the North Carolina voting system and North Carolinian’s with voter ID.
Karen Wylde
Union County

Thanks for doing the right thing…

I am grateful to the State Legislature, Rep. Craig Horn, Sen. Tommy Tucker and the Union County Board of Commissioners for their clarity and commitment to following through on their campaign promises to work toward ending forced annexation once and for all. New laws H845, S27 and H56 confirm what so many have been saying – involuntary annexation is wrong, and the Marvin Town Council was wrong to pursue it. Congratulations on a job very well done.

The Marvin Town Council has spent years and tens of thousands of dollars attempting to annex 1,455 properties for the sole purchase of enriching their treasury. The people and elected legislators of the State were offended by what Marvin and other similarly over-reaching, arrogant and aggressive municipalities were doing, and passed meaningful annexation reform to send them a clear message. That message is “what you were doing is wrong and it has to stop now.” North Carolina has finally entered the 21st century with this right-minded legislation – the first real annexation reform in 50 years.

The people who live in the town of Marvin are fine, upstanding, highly respected citizens. They live in safe, well-maintained, beautiful and welcoming communities. They have every reason to be truly proud of their town. They deserve better than what they are getting from the current council.

It is my sincere hope Marvin taxpayers see the wisdom of electing new representatives that can work within the town budget, using the taxes collected from current Marvin taxpayers without attempting to deprive nearby property holders of their individual property rights and money. The election filing deadline is July 15. Attention Marvin residents – step up and get elected to fix what’s wrong with the current council.
Paul Schneider
Waxhaw, NC

Acts of retaliation in Waxhaw

The Local Historic Preservation Proposal in Waxhaw was defeated May 24. The majority of citizens who own the historic properties fought long and hard against the attempt by the town and committees to strip us of our private property rights.

We followed all the rules and regulations pertaining to the submission of the protest petition, speaking at meetings in protest of the proposal, sending mailings to the public and media and conducting ourselves respectfully at the public hearing. The citizens who fought against this proposal clearly proved their case, the required votes from the commissioners to end this agenda were cast and we were successful in defeating the proposal. In the past month it is apparent a few in Waxhaw who wanted the proposal approved are angry and do not have the maturity or integrity to get past their failure to jam this proposal down the throats of the good people who live in Waxhaw.

Many residents who fought against the proposal have been personally retaliated against through the use of slander and insulted on several occasions by a few town officials and a few committee members. Shell Holston’s vehicle was damaged by a hit and run incident, irresponsible idiots have egged her home, a committee member has used vulgar and demeaning language when describing the residents and a commissioner and committee member used disparaging language when describing residents in town. Someone who has no conscious or compassion opened my fence gate and released my pets to run in the streets and on the railroad tracks without caring what might happen to innocent animals. When requests were made to remove some of these people from their positions the mayor defended their actions as being freedom of speech. Freedom of speech, are you kidding? All of these retaliatory actions are disgraceful and some are simply breaking the law. The best way for all the residents to end this endless attack on those who fought for our freedom of property rights can do something very important this year and in the coming years at the election polls. We must elect a new mayor who will be a true leader of this town. Beginning this year and going forward we must elect commissioners to fill the seats of those who do not support the voice of the people in Waxhaw. We must investigate a few town staff members that have not been honest in all their dealings with the residents and insist on their removal. It is our taxes that pay their salaries. Waxhaw needs a good cleaning to rid itself of those who are involved in these unconscionable actions. Waxhaw is a great town with wonderful citizens and we do not have to accept this kind of dirty politics and abuse from a few elected officials, some hired staff and some committee members who refuse to grow up. Before you vote, ask questions about the candidates running this year and in the future. Learn the truth about our public servants and make sure their priority is to serve in the best interest of Waxhaw and its citizens. For the elected that have proven to us recently and in the past that this is not their reason for serving, VOTE them OUT. As for those who are engaging in illegal acts and incredibly juvenile behavior – you will be exposed.
Brenda Stewart

Tired of Democrats criticizing

So what I took from Mr. Ed McGuire’s letter is that people, if asked to show identification, will just not vote. Any legal American citizen should be perfectly OK with being asked to prove their identity. Those groups who oppose this law pretty much show their true colors, almost admitting they recruit illegal immigrants to try and win elections. I don’t know if I should be disturbed or glad, because if Democrats in Union have been using this strategy, it appears they need a new idea. Even with the largest national turnout for their party in quite a while, they still failed to get one person elected here in Union in 2008. The only reason the eastern part of the county has a Democratic representative in the N.C. House is because he was appointed to fill Pryor Gibson’s term, not because of a popular vote. And please stop the paranoia. Requiring a photo ID isn’t going to oppress anyone, much less the working poor, of which I count myself as one. All of us get drivers licenses, which have photos on them.
Jason Bryant
Hemby Bridge

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  1. I agree with Ken Scorupski. The Sun Valley Satellite Collection Center helps many of us keep our monthly budgets lower, and the people are nice who work there. I’m quite puzzled when something that works so well is eliminated, We’re happy to pay more per bag to keep our location open.