Yes, there are two sides to annexation

Maybe it is time the councilmen of Marvin opened their ears and listen for once. All I keep hearing from them is that I need them, I want them. Councilman Ross Overby says more people want to be in Marvin than don’t want to be. Mayor Pro Tem Ron Salimao says he hasn’t gotten one letter saying someone doesn’t want to be in Marvin.

First off, Ross Overby wasn’t even on the council when it was voted on. Salimao was, and they had their meetings because they had to have them. He heard the people stand up, and I believe everyone who spoke said they didn’t want anything to do with Marvin. But maybe he didn’t hear them because all the councilmen did was pick their fingers and look at their watches.

When will you guys listen? They say it isn’t a money grab. Then what is it? You say we will get planning and zoning. Wow, we already got that, and we pay for that through Union County. So you want our money to pay for that twice. Yes, you don’t want to give sewer, or lights for roads, or water or road upkeep. You will give us police, but we already get that from the county. Oh, you’ll give us parks and pathways. Guess you’re saying I weigh too much. No thanks.

You guys buy land for a park that isn’t even in your little township. Why is that? Well, because you’re going to say you need more money to pay for the park, so you will need to annex the people around the park to help pay for it.

You say I need you. My family has lived on this same land since 1932. We aren’t a part of a subdivision. We go to the meetings you have to voice our thoughts. But you refuse to answer any questions and say more people want into your township than don’t want in. Then tell me what you’re scared of? Take a vote.

Isn’t that what we should have a right to in this free country? VOTE. We been here since 1932 and never even got a vote on this – but I need you. But if we vote, then you will see that you’re wrong and,  God forbid, you guys are wrong. If I have to pay your taxes, it is going to be a big hardship on this family and other families around here that have been here for many more years than the councilmen have: the old farmers that are left, the people who have lived here all their lives and worked hard for the little land they still have. Not all here work in big offices in Charlotte.

Councilman Overby said, “We benefit the residents of Marvin by keeping the smelter out and the values we hold for our community in.” What in the world does that mean? One dictionary defines “smelter” as “an installation or factory for smelting metal from its ore.” “Smelting” means “Extract metal from its ore by a process involving heating and melting.” So it means taking what is good out of the old original form of a product. To me, that means let’s dump the old that have lived here all their lives and bring in all new so we can dictate and mold into what is only proper for our township? Sounds like it to me.

Councilman Overby says, “We are an American community.” Then act like one. Sounds to me like a dictatorship, and this family wants no part of it.

Oh, if Mr. Overby wants to consider this letter as vitriolic name-calling and character assassination, it is what it is, just like the township of Marvin is what it is: a handfull of people trying to tell all the others what they want and what they want us to do and be. Some of us will never stop fighting for our rights and the freedoms we have. This family will never stop.

Michael Wingard

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