What about the word involuntary doesn’t offend you?

Involuntary annexation is a land and money grab anyway you look at it. Even Ron Salimao, Mayor Pro Tem of the Marvin Town Council agrees. He is quoted in last weeks Union County Weekly as saying “Marvin residents do not want extra services or higher taxes”. Exactly. That’s what all of the communities that Marvin is attacking have been saying. That’s what the court case and on-going litigation is all about. That’s what Rep. Craig Horn and the North Carolina Legislature are working to end once and for all.

Mr. Salimao also states “Eighteen years ago Marvin was formed to protect us from Charlotte”. Notice the word protect. When did attacking surrounding communities come to be known as protection? A former Mayor of Marvin told me recently that the actions of the current Town Council are a “terrible perversion of the original intent of the incorporation of Marvin”. The Marvin Town Council is doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do years ago. The potentially oppressed have now become the oppressors.

Forced (involuntary) annexation is wrong. It needs to be abolished, or at the very least the laws have to be reformed to allow folks under attack to have a say in who annexes them, how they are annexed, and when or if they choose to be annexed.

This is an individual property rights issue – plain and simple. We applaud the efforts of Rep. Horn and all of the right-minded sponsors and co-sponsors of the anti-involuntary annexation bills now before the legislature that strive to abolish or reform the archaic annexation laws of our great state. The people must be protected from the likes of Mr. Salimao and all of the other aggressive people and municipalities that think it’s O.K. to reach into your pocket and take your money without so much as a thank you.

On the street that’s called robbery. Perhaps involuntary annexation needs to be classified as a criminal offense. Maybe then the municipalities that think taking your hard earned money and property rights without your permission are appropriate will think twice about what they are doing under threat of being charged with theft. Forced annexation is municipal theft.

My advice to the Marvin Town Council – Be satisfied with what you’ve got. Tax the unfortunate folks that you currently control to support your agenda. Please leave the rest of us alone.

Paul Schneider
Waxhaw, NC

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One Response

  1. Thank you Mr. Schneider! I was involuntarily annexed a few years ago. Although I like the town I now live in very much, it wasn’t the way I would like to move to a town… the town coming to me. You’re absolutely right. It is akin to theft to force annexation onto anyone.