Talking about security

Last week the Indian Trail council came up with constructive proposals to increase security at town council meetings. They included improved outside lighting and enhanced security checks. Missing from such discussion was a previous right wing proposal from council member Robert Allen to pass a town ordinance permitting the carrying of concealed firearms by town council members at such meetings

Eloquently arguing against Mr. Allen’s proposal was an intelligent and thoughtful presentation by former councilperson, Shirley Howe, opposed to bearing firearms on municipal property. The only persons allowed to do so should be trained police officers charged with security. Dovetailing on Ms. Howe’s comments was Mayor John Quinn’s reminder to council members that North Carolina law specifically bans the presence of handguns in government buildings.

What we must always remember is that democracy is a dynamic, passionate, and, at times, contentious process. Heightened tempers and frustrations can quickly arise when conflicting viewpoints are expressed. Security in such settings is best left in the hands of trained police officers rather than a council member sitting behind a desk and “packing heat.”

Kudos to Shirley Howe and Mayor Quinn for their insightful comments. Thumbs down to Robert Allen for his “cowboy mentality.”

Carlton Aldrich
Indian Trail, NC

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