Keep the concealed-carry option open in Indian Trail


This letter regards the discussion about security/guns at Indian Trail council meetings.

As I understand it Mr. Allen brought up questions about security in general for council meetings. Ideas such as extra lighting in the parking lot, changing the location where the deputy sits, rearranging the room and the possibility of concealed carry are some suggestions to consider.

Mr. Aldrich correctly points out that under current North Carolina law, no citizen shall bring a firearm into a municipal building. That is probably the case in all 50 states. The problem is criminals, nut jobs and terrorists don’t obey the law when they do what they do. Several government meetings have been shot up in recent years. Is it a trend? I hope not! Should we be concerned? I should hope so!

North Carolina has been issuing concealed-carry permits for 16 years. According to the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, 336,743 permits were approved by 2009. Of that number, only 1,007 were revoked. That is .29 percent, or less than one-third of 1 percent. That, my friend, is the picture of responsibility.

Many states now trust their concealed-carry permit holders more than in years past because they have proven so responsible. North Carolina is working in that direction with House Bill 111 that would allow concealed carry in parks and restaurants that are not posted against it. Drinking alcohol would still be prohibited by concealed carriers. With that proven record of responsibility, I would encourage Indian Trail to keep the concealed-carry option open.

Len Tower

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One Response

  1. They better allow concealed carry in more places because, as the article states, criminals dont obey the laws and do that anyway – shooting up many places.. Why be sitting ducks?