Involuntary annexation should be banned

Representative Horn is correct-the Village of Marvin’s annexation is a land grab. It also is a grab for additional tax funds to Marvin’s coffers. In many of the meetings that were held in Marvin concerning the proposed annexation, it was mentioned several times that this was to ‘fill in the donut hole’ that was supposedly missing from the town. The reason why this donut hole was to be filled was to make sure they could have control of the undeveloped properties. And getting the additional communities would be icing on the cake. If that is not the definition of land grab, I do not know what is.

Also, in these meetings, there were representatives from all of the communities, protesting vehemently against this land grab

Let’s see what Marvin’s reasons for annexation were:

• Police protection – Yes, there is one deputy that is centered in Marvin, but he is also responsible for all of the North Western region of Union County, including all of the unincorporated areas

• Parks and Greenways – Why yes, Marvin has their very first park. There is also the Marvin Loop. Are these parks and greenways only available to Marvin Residents? No, for the entire community. Also, most of these communities in the Donut Hole already have greenways and park areas

• Planning and Zoning – Don’t these communities all have an HOA that provide this type of service already?

Marvin was created to protect a group of neighborhoods from Charlotte annexing them. For those not aware, thanks to the very interesting annexation laws of North Carolina, cities can go over county lines to annex property. Charlotte has already done that in the past.

Currently, there is an agreement between Charlotte and Marvin, Waxhaw, Weddington and Wesley Chapel that prevents Charlotte coming into Union County for annexing property. That agreement ends in 2014.

Given the unique shape of Marvin, the communities in the annexation lawsuit would not be able to be annexed by Charlotte.

There are, however, a couple of communities that are unincorporated, right on the Charlotte borders; Somerset, Hunter Oaks, and Longview. All three communities would be a tasty treat for Charlotte.

Somerset and Hunter Oaks are supposedly in the annexation area of Marvin, for future growth. But it has have said that the Village of Marvin is frightened of the size as well as the political awareness in these communities.

Mayor Pro Tem Ron Salimao said he has had no letters from anybody in the subdivisions that are impacted by the proposed forced annexation. Perhaps all involved are waiting to hear what the courts have to say about this. I am sure that if there is a council hearing about this, he would hear firsthand how unhappy these residents are.

Neil Gimon
Unincorporated Union County

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