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I have always believed that to persevere and not give up in spite of difficulties, opposition or discouragement is an admirable quality that any successful person will say is critical to achieving a goal. ITCFP supporter Mr. Aldrich, PhD, seems to believe that public safety has been fully explored and discussed to a point of resolution. Many town residents disagree, including more than 800 people who signed a petition in support of our contract with UCSO while asking the council to extend and expand it as needed. They were ignored.

The current council’s statements and actions regarding public safety are a matter of record. Try to imagine a scenario in any other city or town where an elected body refused to discuss law enforcement or didn’t include their (Police Chief) in budget discussions and ignored public safety recommendations. There have been no credible explanations from the council regarding the reasons behind their dismissal of the UNCC study, the disbanding of the Public Safety Committee and their refusal to sit down and discuss public safety policy with UCSO.

For a man who touts his diploma, one would expect that Mr. Aldrich would do some research, understand issues and get his “facts” straight. The council discussion was not about “police services”. The “unanimous” vote was for a meaningless motion which would preclude the council from adding a police department to this year’s budget discussions. Being opposed to starting a PD, Councilman Hullinger voted for it. Having done research on this issue, both he and I have been strong advocates for maintaining our law enforcement contract as we understand and appreciate the benefits our town receives through our relationship with UCSO.

Possessing a degree doesn’t guarantee that an individual will also posses character, or be honest and kind.

John Quinn
Indian Trail

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