Allen ‘overzealous,’ misguided about guns


Indian Trail Councilman Robert Allen recently issued an editorial in which he flamboyantly attempted to direct attention away from his foolish and dangerous desire for participants to bear firearms at Indian Trail town meetings. He did so by shamelessly wrapping himself in the American flag, articulating a number of right-wing stereotypes and grandiosely suggesting himself to be a reincarnation of Teddy Roosevelt.

Immediately after reading his editorial, I didn’t know whether to look to the skies above for soaring jets or rush out and get Robert a much needed dose of Haldol.

Yes, the world can sometimes be a dangerous place where residents occasionally encounter criminals and self-appointed vigilantes righteously attempting to impose their sense of justice onto others. Yes, people certainly have the right to bear arms in their homes and to protect their property. However, as a trained forensic psychologist, I can confidently say that Allen is not Teddy Roosevelt. He does not have the right to needlessly endanger others by acting out his fears or feelings of personal inadequacy. Even Teddy Roosevelt did not wear six guns when addressing Congress.

North Carolina law specifically bans the presence of citizen handguns in municipal buildings. Town council meetings are places for ideas rather than gunfire.

I believe Allen should admit he was overzealous in his desire to have guns present in town hall meetings. I’m sure the Indian Trail citizenry will understand and forgive him his momentary lapse of judgment.

In the interim, everyone should heed the wisdom of the old cowboy song: “Don’t take your guns to town, son; leave your guns at home, son; don’t take your guns to town.”

Carlton Aldrich, Ph.D.
Indian Trail

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