Waxhaw Elections coming

Waxhaw’s mayor commented on WAFE radio that we need a community center, town hall, parks, a 120 acre business research park and transportation, (she) wants the light rail to come from Charlotte down Hwy 521 and more institutional businesses. She said Waxhaw is working with a vision now and to watch out, we are on a mission. She said Union County schools are better than other counties but when asked by the radio host why the schools are better she was unable to give him a reason. There are 9,800 residents in Waxhaw and if this (multiplies) in the next several years the number should grow to 25,000. Waxhaw will have to deal with the ongoing problem of getting access to water and sewer. For the flip side of the issues, the majority of residents in Waxhaw clearly understand that the needed funds for this type of growth must be supported by the people of Waxhaw and the only ways for the mayor’s plans to come to fruition is to increase taxes and annex more land into the city. The current land mass of Waxhaw is between 13 and 14 square miles. Where is the space for all of this without overcrowding Waxhaw? Smells likes forced annexation coming in the future for the county folks. The infrastructure needed will increase exponentially forcing the tax payer to carry the majority of the burden. Yes, we the citizens of Waxhaw do remember when life was not so complicated, just a few years ago, and we do not support the push for this type of “rapid” growth in our town. While many of the town officials are concentrating on growth, meddling in the business of private historic property owners, re-writing the animal ordinance, etc. some of the residential neighborhoods in town are being ignored. The Hillcrest residential section and others are in very bad condition. Those who are making decisions in Waxhaw regarding growth that will ultimately result in a huge burden on the people who live here need to rethink their positions. Waxhaw residents are studying political agendas and asking questions more than ever regarding whom we elect into office in the coming years and what is happening to our once peaceful town. We need elected officials who listen and make decisions for the people of Waxhaw. We are not going to elect and support those who have their agendas filled with big government ideas, wasteful spending and a hunger for power. There are two commissioners seats to fill. One open and Martin Lane’s seat. Also the mayor’s seat. Waxhaw needs a change. People need to investigate how the town is being managed and how our tax dollars are being wasted. It is unbelievable. Let’s not re-elect our prior mistakes.

Brenda Stewart

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  1. Here is the WFAE program that Ms. Stewart referred to: http://www.wfae.org/wfae/18_93_0.cfm?do=detail&id=13139