Unborn Victims bill moving to governor’s desk

We did it. “The Unborn Victims Of Violence Bill” Passed all readings in the NC house by more than a 2-1 margin 2 weeks ago after 12 years of dying in committee. Last week the bill passed all readings in the Senate 45 in favor and 4 opposed. The bill now sits on the Governor’s desk waiting for her signature hopefully. The Governor would be committing political suicide if she doesn’t sign this bill into law, as many Democrats supported this bill as well. Not just Republicans. 80 percent of North Carolina citizens support this bill polls show. Probably most thought we couldn’t have played an impact on this important Bill’s chances while traveling the state with our coalition “ The Justice For All Coalition,” for the past two years promoting public awareness, though I assure all I welcome a challenge when it comes to good old common sense. Although it was difficult we prevailed. I am blessed to have had wonderful folks joining force with me with the various coalitions we developed over the years including “ The Jessica’s Law Coalition,” we played a major part in 2 and a half years ago with the passage of Jessica’s Law. I am ready to get busy on the next challenge after this bill is signed into law. God will lead and direct me.

Jeff Gerber
Founder-the Justice for All Coalition

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