Tired of the infighting

The survey is done, ladies and gentlemen. Indian Trail now has an idea of what people want. We all know people won’t be happy with it. The anti council side will say it’s biased, fixed and any other way of saying the word rigged. The pro council group will rally around the numbers, saying it sets the course for the next year. Honestly, I think the truth lies in the middle. I don’t see the corruption. Economic incentives are a common practice. I also don’t see the grand plans, where everything comes together … at least not yet. I see a group of people, both the mayor and council, who want the best for the town, but have vastly different ideas of how to get there. The same can be said of any political body, but normally they manage to find ways of getting past their differences and co-existing. How about we try to do the same in Indian Trail? I’m tired of seeing the name calling, the attacks and otherwise childish behavior.

Marvin Bradley
Indian Trail

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