Saying thanks to Republicans

How about this for a great plan to reduce the deficit everyone is talking about: First, cut taxes, once again, for the very wealthy; we all know the bankers and Wall Street types are having a tough time making ends meet. Then, what we do is eliminate Medicare and instead give coupons to the elderly to pay for a small portion of their medical bills. Next, we cut food stamps by 127 billion dollars, because the poor are simply eating too much. We can’t let the 18 year olds simply trot off to college, so we cut  the Pell Grants for all 9 milion students who usually receive them and hope that somehow college students will find a way to pay the total cost of their college education. Moreover, for the very young we will eliminate 100,000 low-income children from Head Start, so they can enjoy their home life.

Well, to all those who voted Republican last year, be sure to call your Republican legislators and thank them for their budget gift to the American people.

Ed McGuire

Editor’s note: Ed McGuire was elected Chairman of the Union County Democratic Party April 16.

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4 Responses

  1. Amen. The GOP will fix all that is wrong with the richest – unfortunately, those of us who are not rich will pay for it. Remember the current deficit is the result of poor legislation in the past. Seems President Clinton left the money box in good shape before the Republicans started helping the rich. I hope there will be positive economic change by our politicians – but I don’t have much faith that anything except political bickering will prevail.

  2. by all means, THANK the Republicans. Finally someone has the guts to try to restore some financial responsibility to the US Government’s budget after the democrat party has mortgaged our children’s future with their unbridled socialist spending.

  3. Okay Ed, Since you suggested so, here goes…

    Dear Republican Party,
    From a long time conservative and member of a third party, thank you for realizing that those who have wealth create jobs, not the government. Thank you for realizing that our many layers of entitlements are not only bankrupting our nation and future generation, but also creating a black hole which will suck many into the system who would have been able to make it on their own, but cannot due to the damage that the taxation on those who create jobs has done. Thank you for trying to bring us as a nation back to sensible economic policy. I encourage the Republican Party to not only challenge the policies that have brought us to this point, but to also evaluate its own policies in recent history, so that we can all benefit from the lessons of history. Thank you, Republican Party, for finally taking a bold stand for principle. For those within the Party who refuse to compromise on principle, thank you.

    David Waddell
    Indian Trail, NC

  4. A big SHOUT OUT to the Republican party for turning this country back over to “WE THE PEOPLE1″ This administration has faltered and should be charged with treason along with ‘direlect of duty!” We cannot keep cranking up the ole’ priniting press w/out a continued spiral of down and broke! Since BO has been in the White House, he has travled around the world at taxpayers expense while the Middle -East in in crisis. He is incompetent and has done nothing about JOBS JOBS JOBS.! He is the first SOCIALIST pres. this country has had since Lyndon B. Johnson. The poor are being fed hogwash and hand fed under the guise of helping the poor help themselves with jobs that earn a paycheck and put food on the table instead of govt’ welfare skyrockekting with gov’t turnning this country into a ‘nanny’ state. The redsistribution has never worked except to put money in the pockets of those who hold office in Washington! The hopes and dreams of the world who once looked to America have all but been CRUSHED! Our children aren’t being educated, they’re being INDOCTRINATED. We are in three wars and our president can’t make up his mind as to what we are fighting for because he has supported the Muslim Brotherhood and anything but the American people who elected him and found out his change was too big and cozy to the dreams of communism. Our country is so indebt that our children, grandchildren and generations to come will be nothing but a WELFARE STATE WITH NO FREEDOM BUT GOVT SPONSORED SUBSIDIZED LIVING AND HEATHCARE STANDARDS. YOU BET I am a Republican because we are ready to step in and delclare this president NULL AND VOID! God bless America and may we get another chance to get it right come election 2012.! Thank you.