Perseveration, Paranoia, & Mayor Quinn

Editor’s note: As per UCW policy, Mayor Quinn was offered the chance to respond and declined.

Last week, Mayor John Quinn questioned the hidden agenda of the Indian Trail town council with respect to town law enforcement services. This has been a repetitive theme Quinn has been rigidly fixated upon for the past 1 ½ years. If council members vote to study the police issue, then it’s interpreted by Quinn as carte blanch proof of their intent to form an independent town police force. If the council decides, instead, to table the issue and concentrate its energies on the preferences of town residents, as reflected in the recent Indian Trail citizen survey, then that’s also “proof” of the council’s ill intent. No matter what the council does, it is always secretly plotting against Quinn and his personal agenda.

Mr. Quinn has repetitively depicted himself to the public as the enlightened and glorious warrior, forever compelled to fight the injustices of the world as only he can perceive and understand them. A superhero among mere mortals. In (a recent) colorful newspaper editorial, for example, Mr. Quinn reported to be in combat with the “Gang of Four” as though he, himself, were a reincarnation of some slain Chinese hero fighting against corrupt government powers in Tianianmen Square. How noble and self sacrificing, particularly from a warrior who refused to attend the findings of the Indian Trail citizen survey.

What sense do we make of Mr. Quinn’s odd behavior? Does it represent strength of character or a major personality defect? Leadership or grandiosity? Stability or rigidity? These will be issues for voters to decide should Quinn choose to run for re-election this fall. In the meantime, Mr. Quinn has a more pressing matter to address. Does he continue to perseverate about the “Gang of Four” or does he now expand his cognitive horizons, embrace a further touch of paranoia, and begin relentlessly preaching against “The Gang of Five”? After all, it was a unanimous town council vote to shelve discussion of police services in Indian Trail.

Carlton Aldrich, Ph.D
Indian Trail

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One Response

  1. With all due respect, it would be more productive to encourage an elected official to do what one believes is right than to launch an attack on their character. When we offer a problem as an answer to a problem, we will end up with problems. Passion about conviction is a good thing until it hampers civil discourse. Is it really a matter of character, or a collision of ideologies?
    On the issue of the police department, there is a simple explanation as to why there is a belief that some on the Council may desire to form a P.D.
    In an article entitled “`Progress’ Rally Draws Crowd, Indian Trail Group Urging Development, PAC Pushing For Downtown Project, Police Department For Town And Liquor-By-Drink Vote” published by the Charlotte Observer on June 21, 2007, it was reported that the Indian Trail Citizens for Progress PAC encouraged the town to look into forming a P.D. The Council members described by some as the “gang of four”, with one possible exception, have an affiliation to the PAC mentioned in the article. Being that a PAC would not support a candidate who did not reflect its agenda, it is reasonable to conclude that they would have had a desire to create a P.D. at some point, and possibly at present. With the changing economic climate it would be wise to take the more fiscally conservative approach by continuing our contract with the Sheriff’s Office. I hope the Council would agree.
    Our current arrangement with the Union County Sheriff’s Office has been a cost-efficient service for our community. According to the recent survey there is an overwhelming satisfaction with public safety, which includes law enforcement. So to shelve further discussion on a P.D. may be a good idea.
    However, the concern raised by Mayor Quinn about funding for our current arrangement should be addressed. We need to make sure that there are adequate resources and funding in place to respond to the public safety needs of our town. Perhaps the Public Safety Committee should be revived to address this question.
    Civil Discourse. I encourage all who are involved to embrace it. For the good of our Town.

    David Waddell
    Indian Trail, NC