It’s funny

You know, it’s funny to me how Republicans all scream for North Carolina to give back the high speed grant money. Saying they’re the party of fiscal responsibility and how we shouldn’t go into debt. Then, those same people will turn right around and support using taxpayer dollars for similar projects here at home, such as the Rea Road extension or the Monroe Road widening. I drive down Providence Road and Hwy 84 all the time, I don’t see this massive amount of traffic set to cause the apocalypse. Funny how when it’s a project they support, local Republicans are quick to turn on what they said, not even six months ago.

Amos Curry
Hemby Bridge

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One Response

  1. Dont know what State you’re driving in but here in NC, the roads are pathetically overcrowded. I drive down Providence Rd and 84 as well and, unless you are blind, or are oblivious, or simply do not care, you’re not seeing what’s going on. Oh, but wait, maybe you dont drive during rush hour or maybe you’re referring to the NEW, widened, Providence Rd – which is, admittedly, a tad bit better than the older 2-lane road was. Wake up, the traffic is a nightmare everywhere around Charlotte.. We need trains, LOCALLY, not high speed trains that cost hundreds of millions to employ few people for a few months and save riders THIRTEEN MINUTES.