Indian Trail Survey results in question

Recently I review the results of the 2011 town survey, which is available on the town website. Needless to say there are some real issues with its validity. Reading through the survey it’s obvious the questions were influenced by the council, rather than being neutral, specifically in the area of law enforcement.

For example, question 10, given the lack of supporting research, the “assumption” that the cost and service to start a Police Department would remain the same, invalidates the question. It states If the level of service and the costs to taxpayers were the same, would you support creating an Indian Trail Police Department?

Interestingly enough it doesn’t stop with question 10, question 11 further shows input from some council members which ultimately influenced the results. It states if the level of service remained the same, but there were additional costs to create an Indian trail police department, how much would you be willing to pay per month, $0, $1, $2.50, $5. Where is the supporting research that these numbers are even in the ball park? In January 2010 the Council requested that the new town manager complete a cost study for starting a Police Department, it was never done. Even if it had been completed, the directive was to the town manager, not an independent expert source. In short, if the results of the survey can be questioned then how do you know what you can believe? Why is the council wasting our money if they are going to influence the results?

John Marshal
Indian Trail

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