Indian Trail moving forward

So now can we finally move forward on something? Anything? I wasn’t able to make the Indian Trail survey meeting, due to work, but I read the results online. It’s nothing shocking. We want traffic issues solved and more ways of feeling like a community, through parks and other methods. Since the state hands out transportation dollars and is dead broke, I’m guessing that one won’t come anytime soon, so time to build the community, which the current council seems to be doing, by developing parks. Also, does this finally put the law enforcement fight to bed? Time and again, I’ve read in this paper where the council members say ‘hey, there’s a five year contract in place, we’re not breaking that’, only to read in other publications where the mayor accuses them of trying anything to make a police department happen. It’s odd though. Each time the meeting agenda comes out and law enforcement is the topic, listed underneath is the line stating ‘requested by Mayor Quinn’, The survey’s done, the people are happy. Nothing to see here folks, let’s move on.

Jamie Wilson
Indian Trail

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