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Wow, this is too good to be true! Ms. Rorie just proved the case. I asked why matters of race or the ethnic makeup of groups is so important to dems; that and life on the public dole seems to be their reason for being. In her response, Ms. Rorie leads with the racial identity of the former president of the Democratic Women of Union County then proceeds to breakdown the entire leadership’s racial make-up.

As if to build her bona fides or help assuage her guilt, she gives the same treatment to both the UCDP officer elections and the Nominating Committee’s processes. Speaking of too good to be true, get this quote from the North Carolina Democratic Party Plan of Organization: “…. The first vice chair must be of the opposite gender of the chair. Among the chair and three vice chair offices, one of these must be filled by a person of a racial or ethnic minority which constitutes at least twenty percent of the registered Democrats in that county …”

I couldn’t have written parody any funnier than their actual laws. Why not throw sexual preference or religion into the mix? And they want to bring this “equality” from the national stage here?

Once again I’m asking: why is this so important to them? What does it have to do with leading or governing? I thought we were supposed judge folks by their character not skin color?”

Gary Chambers

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