Historic District shouldn’t be adopted

On March 19th there was a public hearing in the Waxhaw school gym on the proposed historic overlay to allow the public to state their opinions concerning the future of the historic homes and businesses in boundaries set up by the town planning department and the state historic preservation department. There was an unexpected volume of persons attending even though it was a “working day” Saturday for the downtown business owners.

The initial presentation was given by Katy Ross who has worked relentlessly on the project for over a year and supported by a representative from CIRCA, hired by the town government to assist in the boundaries and guidelines of the proposal, working with the Waxhaw Historic Preservation Committee made up of volunteers interested in the project.

Some of the people signed up to speak in support were not owners of homes, land or businesses, but wanted to be known for some personal reason, such as owner of a company to restore historic homes and interior decorating. Others who did live in the district but in a newer homes, which would not fall under the sane restrictive guidelines, spoke in favor of the proposal.

The meeting was long and emotional lasting (more than) 5 hours, but the responsiveness from the home owners, business owners, and property owners was overwhelming in numbers. The opposition to the overlay was in the form of an “opt-out” request signed by those affected, the petitions that were signed and handed into the town hall on Wednesday, and the persons who signed up to speak on behalf of themselves, and if time permitted, reading signed notarized statement on behalf of those unable to attend.

If this passes then “We the People” have no voice in government, changes will have to be implemented and the fight expanded on a local, as well as national level, to guarantee our Constitution is a document that will not be stepped on by a small government body to push their agenda ahead of “We the People!”

Shell Holston
A Waxhaw Historic property owner

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