Curious about Democrats

In regards to the letter titled “Unhappy Union County Democrat” running in the 4/8 edition, some questions begged to be asked of the writer. How can any Democratic Party or organ be “decimated by racism”? We all know that resides permanently and exclusively with Republicans. Just exactly how is the Republican Party “eroding justice” We want real answers and specifics, not clichés. What’s race got to do with any of this? What’s the relevance?

If it means so much to you, sorry the Rs beat you to the draw and caused family rancor by electing Jimmie Bention. A fine man; you ought to talk with him sometime. Sorry you can’t win elections; guess it’s all in the message. Maybe folks are getting your message. Based on your national message, one would think the real “job of the county Democratic Party” is to have us all be wards of the state.

I can’t believe that with all your party’s expertise with elections, you can’t win them here.

Gary Chambers

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