Campaign Promises

While it appears County Commissioner Todd Johnson has not made any efforts to ease the burdens on Union County businesses, NC House Representative Craig Horn has.

In 2009 a state law was passed which requires equestrian centers to adhere to the same building code standards as other commercial businesses. It is the responsibility of the Union County government to enforce this law. For many equestrian businesses in Union County the costs associated with meeting the new compliance standards could force these businesses to close.

Horn introduced a bill, HB329, that adds equestrian centers to the list of businesses exempt from the 2009 law. Last Monday night, the Union County county commissioners unanimously passed a motion directing staff to draft a resolution in support of HB329.

Considering Johnson’s campaign promises to eliminate unnecessary government constraints on businesses, it should be expected that Johnson would propose a resolution in support of Bill 329. He did not.

The commissioner who recognized and acted upon an opportunity to support Union County businesses was Tracy Kuehler. Kuehler proposed the resolution. She was able to lead commissioners to unanimous support of the resolution.

Horn cited the commission’s resolution while making his case for passage of the bill on the house floor. Horn was able to lead the NC House to unanimous support of the bill.

Thomas Paine said that those involved in the political process should, “lead, follow, or, get out of the way.” Union County should appreciate Horn’s leadership and his efforts in this matter as well as Kuehler’s support of those efforts. At most, Union County can only thank Johnson for once again “getting out of the way.”

Walker Davidson

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