An open letter to Indian Trail staff

Thank you so very much for the tremendous work you all did in putting together incredibly focused, project-driven, goals-oriented presentations for our Goals & Initiatives Session. You successfully took into account the very things that this council has set its eyes on for the future and more. It is very exciting and rewarding to see how the council members, town manager and town staff truly share and understand the “vision” in how to accomplish making Indian Trail a better place to live in all areas, as we move forward into another year of purposeful planning and budgeting.

Last year at this time, this council had their 2010-2011 goals session, and our awesome town manager worked so well with us from day one in helping us to put “on paper” the council’s vision, and in helping to prioritize the long list of “wants,” “needs,” “fixes,” and “would be nices” and did wonders in working with staff to bring back a budget that allowed us all to accomplish those very things, including laying the foundation on which to build for this next year. An incredible amount of groundwork has been laid over the last year due to your hard work, and now this year we are able to further develop and bring to fruition more of that very vision. Each of you as representatives of your departments shared so many exciting changes/enhancements on the horizon, changes which will continue to propel Indian Trail to the top on so many levels – the cream of the crop, in my humble opinion! We have come so far over the past year because of your hard work and commitment, and one can easily see that our community is experiencing an energy like I personally have not seen in the eight years I’ve been here.

You guys are wonderful, and without this great team of people who know how to execute, the vision would remain merely that – a vision!!!! Council may ultimately set the course, but without the input of your expertise and your ability to make it happen (and make it happen first-rate!), enhanced by the positive relationship enjoyed between council members/staff/manager and the respect and gratitude shown to one another, we would not be on the upward path that we are on today.

Darlene Luther
Indian Trail Town Council

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