Why the heartburn over Rea?


I’m really trying to understand why ­people are upset over this Rea Road deal. A town wants to build a road, which would run through a developer’s property. Instead of asking for money, the developer says he’ll donate the right of way in exchange for water and sewer within 18 months. The county’s own public works director said Union should be off the allocation system in 18 months and back on a first come-first serve basis. So what exactly is the problem here?

Darryl Turner,

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One Response

  1. How would you like to have a road crammed right behind your house wihout any notice from the town that you pay taxes. No consideration, distruction of personal property value and quality of live. Its a project that no-one seems to have any justification for other than to get a road done so a new housing development deal can be cleared along with sewer/water/….. As one of the other post states… it just smells…WHY should NC even be considering projects like this when 485 expansion delays on the south side has been wasting hours of 10,000s of peoples lives every single day for almost a decade at this point

    Crazy stuff going on in Union County / Weddington —
    Didn’t yousee that they did away with Conflict of Interest in Union County?