4-H Club goes all-out for exceptional children programs’ holiday party

WEDDINGTON – It was a fun house at Weddington Elementary School last week as the Union County 4-H Club hosted a holiday party for the Weddington cluster schools’ exceptional children programs.

The Chick-fil-A cow was one of the guests at the 4-H Club’s party for exceptional children.

On the morning of Dec. 4, games, popcorn, a snow cone machine and more than 70 students from five different schools all filled a Weddington Elementary classroom for the festivities. Volunteers of all ages – members of the 4-H club, their children and families, high school peers and school faculty – donated their time to help run the event.

“There was enough provision to go around, and everyone just enjoyed themselves,” Weddington Elementary Assistant Principal Sheila Levesque said. “We had some students, some adults and some adults (who) brought their kids to come out and help.”

Exceptional children programs from Weddington elementary, middle and high schools and Antioch and Wesley Chapel elementary schools attended the event. They participated in a wide range of activities, including a Twister-like game, cookie-making station, ring toss game and dance area featuring a D.J. They also enjoyed a visit from the Chick-fil-A cow.

Although a wide range of ages showed up at the party, everything went very smoothly, Levesque said.

“They had a lot of fun. A lot of popcorn was eaten. There was a lot of icing on people’s faces,” she said. “They went home and raved about it.”

Levesque said following the party, she received several phone calls from parents thanking the school for hosting the party and saying their child came home talked nonstop about the fun they had.

“I had parents who called and said their child was still talking about party, or the cow, or the dancing,” she said. “They had a wonderful time.”

Levesque said hosting events like these is important for a school like Weddington Elementary and an organization like the Union County 4-H Club because it encourages partnerships within the community.

“It’s all about building partnerships and building a sense of community and a sense of relationship,” she said. “To see the smiles and interaction
between the children makes it all worthwhile.”

The school is gearing up for another outreach endeavor – the “Pajama Project.” For the first time ever, Weddington Elementary is partnering with the Pajama Program, a nonprofit that brings “warm sleepwear and nurturing books to children in need,” as its mission statement reads.

On Dec. 19, Weddington Elementary students can wear their pajamas to school if they bring another pair of sleepwear to be donated to the Pajama Program.

“We try to impress community projects and service projects like these on the kids,” Levesque said of the Pajama Project.

As far as next year goes, Levesque is already gearing up for the 2013 4-H Club-sponsored holiday party.

“I definitely want to (host the party) again next year,” she said. “I’ve already told them, ‘Let me know when the date is and we’ll have it here.’”

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