Student-led event unites Christian clubs throughout the county

INDIAN TRAIL – Students from across the county will gather together to share and celebrate their faith this weekend at the third annual Fields of Faith event.

The Porter Ridge Fellowship of Christian Athletes is one of several Christian clubs in Union County schools that will participate in the annual Fields of Faith event, a student-led evening of prayer, Bible reading and testimony.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Committed Young Christians clubs throughout the county are organizing Fields of Faith, which takes place Sunday, Nov. 4, at the Sun Valley High School gym. The event is held at schools throughout the

United States and gives teens the chance to pray, read scripture and share testimony in a student-led environment.

Kathy Hoosier, the huddle leader of Porter Ridge Middle School’s FCA club, first heard about Fields of Faith several years ago and worked with students and fellow parents to bring the event to the Porter Ridge schools.

“The idea was to keep it at Porter Ridge but make it countywide,” said Hoosier, who also serves as Porter Ridge High’s FCA club’s co-huddle leader. “We decided to get the ball rolling and contacted all the Union County FCA groups and let them know this was happening.”

For two years in a row, Fields of Faith was held at Porter Ridge High and saw about 70 students attend each year. But budget cuts and a change of venue caused last year’s event to fall through.

This year, doors opened to host the event at Sun Valley High when Keith Mayhew, a fellow Porter Ridge parent, spoke with Sun Valley football coach Scott Stein. Because Sun Valley doesn’t have an FCA club, the school’s CYC club got involved and is helping run the event.

Informational packets were sent to the different FCA groups throughout the county, and three different schools’ clubs have committed to attend.

“CYC reserved the gym at Sun Valley, picked the date and now we have had response from Sun Valley, Porter Ridge and Marvin Ridge (high schools),” Hoosier said.

Fields of Faith will feature a handful of students giving testimony, reading scripture and leading prayer. Stein volunteered to emcee the event, and Marvin Ridge High’s athletic director and FCA huddle leader Scott Chadwick will provide the closing prayer. David Marino, a recent Sun Valley graduate, will be the featured guest speaker.

“He wants to share his testimony with high school kids, what all he’s gone through, which is going to be pretty amazing,” Hoosier said.

In addition to spending time fellowshipping with other Christians, students receive a free booklet that tells the story of King Josiah and guides them through 21 days of committed Bible-reading.

One of the things about the event Hoosier believes is important for the students to experience is fellowshipping with schools that are typically their rivals.

“That’s what makes this so exciting, that (Fields of Faith) is at Sun Valley. Porter Ridge (students are) excited about going to Sun Valley,” she said. “What’s really cool about this is sharing it with those people across Union County. We may play against each other when we go to different schools, but we’ve got an even playing field when it comes to our faith.”

Hoosier hopes Fields of Faith will see a high attendance this year, but the number of kids that show up isn’t what’s most important, she said.

“It’s not about numbers,” she said. “It’s about changed lives and commitments. Our hope is that some people will come to know Christ through these events and go out and make him known.”

She added, “(The event) is all student-led. They’re excited and thrilled to be a part of it and put it together.”

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