Raising food for needy families in Waxhaw

Notes from the Classroom

Editor’s note: Our recurring series Notes from the Classroom allows teachers in Union County schools the opportunity to talk about experiences in the classroom or projects their students are working on. This week, Waxhaw Elementary third graders try their hand at writing about their class, with some help from teacher Tiffany Brown.

Waxhaw Elementary is trying to collect canned goods for needy families in Waxhaw.

On the week of Nov. 14 9-year old Michael Torbush went around his neighborhood asking for donations.  Altogether, he collected 79 cans.

“I was proud to help,” the third-grader said.

“Our goal is to collect at least 2,500 cans,” third-grader Dylan Holland said.  “I’ve already provided a few.”

So Waxhaw Elementary students collected cans of creamed corn, green beans and other canned/dry goods to give to the needy and the town. The school has collected cans of food for the last 10 years. This year, donations will go out to 37 families in the area.

“All the needy should have full stomachs for Thanksgiving, not just us,” Caroline Junkins, 8, said.

“Everyone deserves to celebrate,” Christopher Franklin, a caring third grader, added.

“I’ve never known a day that I haven’t complained. But I am a very compassionate girl, and I saw that I could make a difference, I did,” 9 year old third grader Abigail Leighton

“All those cans piled up makes me feel so good inside,” Christopher

Waxhaw Elementary is proud to know how these people and many more in Waxhaw are helped.

As of Nov. 22,  we far exceeded our goal of 2,500.  We currently have 3,150 and are still counting.  As a reward for all our hard work, Mrs. Lawrence our principal, Mr. Ashley our vice-principal, Mrs. Santana the Pre-K teacher and teacher assistants Mrs. Hatch and Mrs. Kutsy all had to wear crazy wigs and silly

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